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        Welcom to Yikuan
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        The company in line with the best products, to provide users with the best service purposes, the establishment of a special service agencies, the development of user service rules and the corresponding management system, the establishment of a relatively perfect after-sales service security system.

        1.companies on the product in the warranty period of one year to implement free service, the implementation of the quality of life after the implementation of paid services.

        2.The company selected have rich experience in engineering and technical personnel for the user to carry out advisory services, and according to the needs of the user, the user extension services.

        3.to the user to reflect the quality of the problem, in 24 hours to reply.

        4.do a good job of user information feedback.

        5.user information contact system, within a year of business information contact no less than 2 times.

        6.adhere to the Department Manager responsible for the user system, not less than 2 times a year.

        7.to establish the user file, and to implement computer management.

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