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        Welcom to Yikuan
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        Shanghai Yikuan raised access floor co.,ltd  is specialized in development, development, manufacture, production, sale, installation, series of all-steel raised floor joint-stock enterprises. Main products, steel raised floor (OA network raised floor, OA500 network floor, OA600 network floor, floor trunking network, trunking raised floors), anti-static floor, permanent PVC and HPL (melamine Firewood ), PVC anti-static flooring, steel ventilation raised floor, raised floor tile surfaces, composite wood floor, aluminum anti-static floor calcium sulphate raised floor raised floors and other specifications, the full range.

        Products are widely used in high-end intelligent office buildings, among intelligent buildings, electronic computers computer room, communications room control network center, computer room, TV transmitting station information center, military command station control room, various laboratories, clean room, power supply system control room, and some of the more concentrated the laying of pipelines, pipeline alignment, installation, maintenance, and other requirements of anti-static high places.

        Its products are exported around the world. United States, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Popular in the country, at the same time, but also for many international famous enterprises tailored, as their production base in China.

        The company after nearly 20 years of efforts and innovation, has accumulated rich experience and solid economic strength, through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, with exquisite quality products, reasonable prices, good business reputation, a strong team of professional installation engineering, sincere after-sales service, won the trust of many customers, all employees in the sector to work together, the company continued to grow and develop, has become the preferred all vendors, architects, developers and owners, the majority of users in the fierce the steady development of market competition. For each project are carefully designed, sophisticated construction, to create a comfortable human-machine environment.

        The company has always been adhering to the people-oriented, quality first, first-class management, first-class technology, first-class service with high quality products is our goal. To provide customers with stable quality, a sufficient number of sources, is our pursuit.

        Our aim is to learn refinement, and to survive, in good faith and create a better environment.

        The operating philosophy is: customer first, quality first, affordable, pursue common good.

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