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        How to choose the OA network floor selected Yikuan floor
        Date:2015/8/20 Hit:1468

        1,Our company specializing in the production of "Yikuan" anti-static flooring, with world-class production line, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology skills, outstanding quality supply of each floor are the powerful guarantee of the goods, the practical value, aesthetic value, value of recovery is a deduction
        1, basically be precisely computer room to build the required to anti-static floor area (or blocks) and various accessories number, and left margin, to avoid the formation of spoil or lack of.

        2, fully understand the production of manufacturers to produce anti - static floor type and quality, as well as a variety of skills and functions. The function of anti - static floor is the primary means of its mechanical and electrical function.
        Mechanical function is the primary consideration of its bearing capacity, wear resistance. The whole anti-static flooring installation in the lap of truss girder, leveling anti-static floor, the bearing to achieve uniform load is greater than the 1000kg/m2. Anti static floor on any part of the gathering load should be more than 300kg. In diameter 6cm load bearing 300kg of load and deflection should be less than 2mm, there is no permanent deformation. Adjustable support should be able to withstand the vertical load of more than 1000kg, and the board should have the rub resistance.
        Electrical function is the primary system resistance, electrostatic voltage, surface resistance. Its system resistance should be 105 -108, at the temperature of 21 + 1.5 C, relative humidity is 30%, the static electricity voltage should be less than 2500V, the surface resistance value should be 105 -108.

        3, should be the most important equipment in the engine room of the weight of the most important equipment to determine the weight of the anti - static floor load, which can avoid some of the equipment is too heavy and lead to permanent deformation or damage.

        4, anti - static floor is affected by the environment conditions of the outside world.
        5, anti - static floor should not reflect the surface, non - slip, corrosion, dust, not dust, easy to clean.
        Purchase anti - static floor to come to our company, we are waiting for your visit!
        This article from the Shanghai should wide floor - Shanghai anti-static floor - Shanghai anti-static Engineering - Shanghai room floor - Shanghai all steel anti-static floor - Shanghai ceramic anti - static floor to create, forward please specify the source:http://www.devopsbyte.com

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