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        What are the functions and characteristics of OA network floor
        Date:2015/7/20 Hit:1382

        OA network floor is a new type of floor building materials, is for the convenience of the modernization of the rake face, work room for the network expansion planning and a fitting way to. Deal with the traditional floor, wall within the embedded wiring and many of the problems that make the planners headache. Accustomed to the intelligent building in the information automation skills to the specific needs of the environment, making the operating system and control system useful contact together, the work of high automation, place more comfortable, neat, beautiful, efficient, easy, sensitive.

        floor structure

        OA network floor (intelligent floor) selected excellent cold-rolled steel alloys, after stretching forming spot welding, appearance after phosphating of electrostatic spray processing, cement inner cavity filled with foam filler, four corners with a keyhole.


        System assembly
        The system is composed of a floor, a support, a shock pad and a screw. Device floor are placed in a shockproof pad bearings, screws through the angular keyhole around the floor directly connected to the bearing, bearing is zinc plated and cast aluminum alloy structure highly adjustable and can be self locked.


        Commodity features

        1 all steel construction, commodity weight, bearing capacity and impact resistance;

        2 surface electrostatic spray, soft, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, corrosion, long service life;

        3 scale high accuracy, good compatibility, easy assembly, repair, high repetition rate;

        4 equipped with outlet die molding, wiring is simple, more convenient to the socket device;

        Place of use
        Mainly used in advanced (intelligent) office buildings, 5A processing buildings, as well as banks, tax, business, customs, safe, government buildings, etc..

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