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        Anti-static floor design process requires designers pay attention to details
        Date:2015/6/25 Hit:1291

        ?We all know that in some special occasions, for example between the engine room and equipment very simple static electricity, which everyone's safety and work had an impact, so we can create static electricity that can eradicate anti-static floor and dedicated room The room color plate, anti-static floor has a very ambitious role in the production process in detail, on some special occasions very habit, we can be satisfied about the safety regulations. In detail the production process, the floor in terms of fire rating must be met, and the height of the floor should fit the detailed requirements, so that it can reach a more ambitious needs.
        To be able to ensure that the floor very well construction effect, please ensure that surely if the decorative final step, and to ensure that the indoor very clean condition. And a floor on the outer aspect should also be prepared to handle, so the appearance of both lubrication and contamination does not quite happen, so all in skills demand is still very high.
           Pay attention to anti-static floor after midnight, the ground floor is a very important process, as long as this process is a very good process, so all we can reach a more perfect role. And when after all aspects of handling perfect, really can reach an antistatic effect in a particular space, so the application of the scale of the floor is also very broad.

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