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        Shanghai anti-static floor OA floor maintenance and assembly
        Date:2015/6/23 Hit:1433

        Now, anti-static flooring in use in our day is a lot to see, especially in some of the anti-static room, we usually have to learn how conservation in the floor, this is a very crucial point. Today we come to we introduce anti-static floor maintenance, as well as a look at means jobs OA floors need to pay attention to detail, take a look at 1, to avoid the rain soaked the floor, to avoid a balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow, out Please turn off the tap when you visit or water well; especially not in contact with the hot water, thus, hot water heating pipes do not leak onto the floor, once the attack to be dry in time. 2, to avoid sharp heavy metal, glass tiles, studs and other hard objects scratch the floor; when moving furniture should not push directly on the floor, you should lift and move gently. 3, stop placing strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor. 4, part of the board are not careful stained smears should be to eradicate, if traces of oil available for active soiled rag or mop dipped in warm water detergent to wipe a few; if drugs or pigments, wood surface must not be dissolved once the stain to eradicate
           OA floor height should be based on application needs. (1) for alignment with: fundamental dimension of 250mm. (2) for the alignment and air conditioning air-storage: fundamental dimension of 400mm. Removable floor panels can be interchanged, and have a higher production of precision to ensure that the required floor space as the use of air conditioning airflow library tightness. OA raised floor has been laid on leveling cement mortar cushion, in order to reduce the height of the ground practice, when laid directly on the floor structure, floor structure needs look flat, and spray interface agent, curing concrete appearance, so that the ground can not afford to sand. OA floor should look soft, non-skid, wear-resistant, resistant to pollution.
           After introduction of the article, we usually anti-static flooring understand conservation, mainly from four aspects of work analytic conservation. There are jobs for devices with OA of the floor must know, we look forward to our company to buy a suitable floor.

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