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        Throughout the laying of anti-static floor needs attention to what matters
        Date:2015/6/20 Hit:1364

        The laying of anti-static floor flooring unlike some conventional home construction, which included precautions including many, there is no doubt that if haphazard in the laying of anti-static floor, when, in the end a possible problem is - - Floor-utilized. Then, in the laying of anti-static floor from start to finish what factors should pay attention to it?

          1, material and technical performance raised floor and supporting a support series to meet the design requirements, and have factory certification, the area in front of construction operations, to conduct a test shop work.

          2, Grid have finished a solid line, the laying of cable lines to be promptly inserted under the raised floor of the process, and the acceptance of qualified security support system before doing so both to avoid the undue rework, while ensuring no bracket the collision caused loose.

          3, mounting base, to check the alignment of the center of the intersection of Grid, to be beamed to pull all the horizontal and vertical lines after the installation, check the flatness of the beam to ensure flatness rear panel mounted 3mm joints in the grid control inside, then pulled a small line of panel installation at any time to check again. Top elevation beam should be strictly controlled, with a spirit level to check the level of the entire beam.

          Consider anti-static floor construction elements contained therein is certainly a lot, but if you have a good grasp of where it, as much as possible to play the anti-static floor utility can still be expected.

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