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        Welcom to Yikuan

        Construction technique of anti-static floor

        First, the laying of venue request
        1, after laying the floor should be renovated interior civil and
        2, the floor should be smooth, clean, dry and free of debris, no dust
        3, arranged under the floor of the cable, electrical, air ducts and air conditioning systems shall be finished before installing the floor
        4, heavy equipment base fixing should be completed, the device is mounted on the base, the base height should be completed on the same floor surface highly consistent
        5, the construction site with 220V / 50HZ power and water

        Second, flooring installation tools
        1, installed also cutting saws
        2, laser level meter
        3, bubble level meter, tape, ink line
        4, suction plate device, adjust nut wrench, Phillips screwdriver
        5, vacuum cleaner, broom, mop

        Third, the construction step
        1, carefully check the surface flatness and verticality of the wall, it is found not to meet the construction requirements, relevant departments should Party
        2, horizontal pull, and floor installation height shells with ink line on the wall, ensure after laying the floor in the same horizontal plane,
        Measurement chamber length, width and appropriately select the reference position to minimize the laying of the floor of the cutting, the pop-up installed in the ground
        Gridlines bracket
        3, will be installed into the same bracket to adjust the desired height and stent placement to cross at the ground grid lines
        4, the beam is fixed with screws to the bracket, and with the level of foot, rectangular device one by one correction beam, so that on the same plane
        And perpendicular to each other
        5, with the suction plate is placed on the floor in the assembled beam
        6, if the wall itself remaining size is less than the length of the floor, the floor can be cut and pieced together methods
        7, in the laying of the floor, with a leveling bubble level meter block by block, the height of the floor by adjusting bracket
        8, in the engine room to place heavy equipment should be installed in the equipment of the base bracket on the floor, to prevent deformation of the floor
        9, floor need to cut or opening, should be applied in the opening corner of the drill hole to play No. 6 to 8, to prevent the veneer fracture

        Fourth, flooring acceptance criteria
        1, below the raised floor and the floor surface should be clean and free of dust, artifacts
        2, the floor surface without scratches, no coating off, no damage sidebar
        3, floor coverings firm as a whole should be stabilized, people should not have to walk in the above shaking sense, there should be sound
        4, floor edges shall be guaranteed a straight line, adjacent floor dislocation less than 1mm
        5, the height of adjacent plates is not more than 1mm

        Fifth, the maintenance requirements
        1. Environment: anti-static floor of the room temperature is controlled at 15-35 ℃, humidity at 45% -75% RH.
        2, maintenance requirements:
        (1) prohibit the use of sharp instruments direct construction operations on the floor surface to prevent damage to the surface of the antistatic properties and appearance
        (2) prohibit the use of the process who fell from a height to jump directly to the floor, when the ban handling equipment rough handling, crushing floor
        (3) On the floor when the mobile device is prohibited on the plate direct push equipment, scratch the floor, the correct approach is to lift
        Handling equipment
        (4) room have heavy equipment, equipment should fall directly on the ground base, not directly on the floor caused by floor
        Long-term weight-bearing deformation
        (5) the lower portion of floor maintenance equipment, apply suction plate is operated from the floor, prohibit the use of sharps brutal dismantling
        (6) Maintenance vacuum cleaner or mop available to keep the board clean, especially not to the main liquid spill onto the floor
        (7) the floor surface regularly to fight anti-static wax maintenance to ensure the long-term effects of the use of floor.

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