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        Welcom to Yikuan

        Room floor maintenance

        Floor leveling
        Floor after long-term use, or not released into place after the floor wiring, old-fashioned cast-iron brackets will have loose, severe land Board collapse, causing damage to the office staff.
        Old-fashioned cast-iron short of the bracket, one by one naughty and key parts of the stent plus spring pad, bearing strength of the occasion to add auxiliary Bracket.
        Opening service
        Workaround: room at changes in equipment, there is always the situation encountered traces mouth adjustment. General lack of professional tools and units Construction workers, opening the service becomes very necessary.
        In the site selection of good quality floor, placed after the opening, the replacement of equipment at the bottom of the floor when replacing equipment.

        Room cleaning
        Most of the room and did not do during the construction dust treatment, and do not use the room air-conditioning and new fans, so after long-term use, the bottom of the bottom floor room and equipment will gather a lot of dust.
        Cross off the floor vacuuming, for special occasions, fixed vacuuming.

        Legacy custom floor
        Many years of use antistatic floor, making room renovation process, there are many already can not find the original floor specifications.
        Custom parts of the same size and material of the floor, direct replacement.

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