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        Welcom to Yikuan


        Freestyle trough floor

          A trough floor office overhead, including several block floor body, characterized in that it comprises several blocks around the board body and white floor trunking group golf activities, the activity is a hollow wiring groove flooring floor. The utility model is reasonable around the board body disposed between the wiring activities may trunking floor, raised floor with trunking set in one, not only can reduce the installed floor level, improve the utilization of floor space, but also further enhance the raised floor function, the various lines arranged by trunking to reach anywhere in the office, wiring flexibility, according to national regulatory requirements and can be strong, weak separately isolated and marked with a color or it will separate the wiring groove area, facilitate future secondary cabling and repair and maintenance. Just open additional wiring duct cover plate can be wiring and repair, saving time, effort, expense.

        Static load Dynamic load Limit load(N)
        Concentrated load(N) Uniformly Distributed Load(N/m) Rolling Load(N) Impact load
        FS700 3115 14300 2300 450 9950
        FS800 3560 16400 2450 450 11200
        FS1000 4450 24500 3760 680 14500
        FS1250 5560 35050 4650 680 18360
        FS1500 6675 39280 5760 680 22170
        Size 500*500±0.3mm;600*600±0.3mm; 609.4*609.4±0.3mm;675*675±0.3mm;
        Flatness 0.5mm

        Pre: Calcium sulphate raised floor
        Next: Siamese-style groove flooring
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