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        Welcom to Yikuan


        Siamese-style groove flooring


        Trunking System
        Trunking for wires is one of the advantages of Yikuan trunking floor. Cover flank covers on basic panel edges after lying wires in trunks. Each panel stands separately, making it very convenient to lie flank cover before or after wires.

        A workstation can be easily and quickly relocated with cable management without disruption.Convenient for connecting wire at any point without cutting floor. Suitable for all kinds of plug socket terminals. Adjustable wire-connected location.

        5 class office building, the first rate office building, Bank building, Electricity Control Building, Security Union Plaza, Telecom Building, Futures Trading Building, Software Design Center, data center and the place demand cabling and wiring. And best for the aging building floor’s reform.

          Siamese-style groove flooring substrate made of galvanized steel. This trough plate includes a dry block floor, trunking cover, assembled from the bottom groove, the event is a hollow wiring groove floor floor, this feature is all around the floor with duct cover. Reusable floor surface traces, which can reduce the height of the floor laying, while addressing the alignment problem.

        Model Static load Dynamic load Limit load(N)
        Concentrated load
        Uniformly Distributed Load
        Rolling Load
        Impact load(N)
        10,000 RPM
        FS700 3115 14300 2300 450 9950
        FS800 3560 16400 2450 450 11200
        FS1000 4450 24500 3760 680 14500
        FS1250 5560 35050 4650 680 18360
        FS1500 6675 39280 5760 680 22170
        Size 500*500±0.3mm;
        Flatness ≤0.5mm

        Pre: Freestyle trough floor
        Next: Anti-static floor with Ceramic finish
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