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        Pedestal For Raised Floor

        Seisimic pedestal

        Stents are typically divided into standard stent, reinforcing brace and super bracket. In addition, there are two special-purpose bracket: Ramp bracket income side bracket.
        A, standard bracket: from the pallet, screw, locking nut, support tube and under the pallets composition, surface galvanized, has good rust and corrosion.
        B, reinforcing brace: Compared with standard bracket, which has better load bearing properties.
        C, super bracket: mainly used for loading capacity and overhead height require a higher place.

        Diagonal brace, bracing stringer and bracing kit. It usually applies with extra heavy-duty pedestal at high finished floor height.

        Pedestal for steel floor

        Pedestal for woodcore and calcium sulphate raised floor

        Aluminium die-cast pedestal

        European style pedestal for woodcore raised floor

        Heavy-duty pedestal for Aluminium floor

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