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        Advanced ground outlet box  

          MY-3 floor outlet box set many new features in one, it increases the speed of installation, safety, but also easy to use. Under normal circumstances, the outlet box is fixed panel, it can be installed in any position raised floor. Single accessory metal plate is interchangeable and allows any combination of air under the metal plate can be used without exact requirements or the requirements of the future can not be determined in advance, they ensure that the installation is complete when all of the outlet. Textured frame outlet box and easy to clean, cover with two colors - light gray and charcoal.
          Snap the cover, there is a reinforcement plate, can be reversed easily removable from the frame, the event was kicked or hit, then the above is recessed to accommodate 7mm thick carpet or other similar common floor coverings. To use a pass to the inside of the fitting opening with high. Cable from the cable retainer by a large number of cable outlets to export when the cable for cable outlet opens and closes automatically, removable cable grommets, placed on one side frameworks to guide the cables security derived from the outlet cover. Framework, is also reversible, there is a unique screw system for self-regulating the thickness of a normal floor covering. Operating screw protection framework, which makes installation and removal quick and effective. Additional plate outlet box can undo from above, as long as the removal of two screws on the line, without the need to remove the outlet box, all kinds of power, communications and data accessory boards are still valid.


        Technical data and installation
        Material: Flame retardant ABS material, spray plate.
        Strength: only when the outer edge of the cover frame with fastening support, outlet box to be able to resist a  smaller truck accident, they can not compare with the load raised floor, if necessary, to provide specific details.
        Refractory: the outlet box packaging using metal manufacturing, non-flammable.
        Chemical resistance: no corrosion
        Water absorption: outlet box can be used in the following cases: Clean the measures used in the liquid pool is invalid, or floor surface wet.
        Degree of protection: When installed according to installation guide stated, around the classification of IP20.

          Outlet box within the raised floor depth of placement, number and location of the outlet box at the same time according to the requirements of users decided to recommend distribution: a minimum of one per 10m2 floor outlet boxes, each up to 4m2 a figure roughly equivalent to 3000mm and outlet boxes are located 2000mm inner spaces. Generally, no more than 1600mm an outlet is preferable. However, when the outlet box is used to a desktop or screen transmission complete exit angle good supply of electricity has been installed, this can be extended. Before use, all floor outlet boxes must be made with the module is fully installed, the user requires a clear, then, it will not cause any problems, however, the outlet box is interchangeable, according to the equipment to facilitate special point and quickly re-installed. First unplug the outlet box, and then reinstall the outlet box and the entire floor panel.
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